Thursday, February 24, 2011

Venice, Sunny Side Up!

Venice is located at the very edge of one of the world's largest urban areas, Los Angeles, but today, it was as country style as it gets. I awoke to the best surprise - my dear, sweet friend Christina showed up with a bowl of eggs freshly laid by the chickens her family keeps in their backyard. In Venice.

They were gorgeous, perfect ovals, that revealed a dusky green inside their shells. Fried up, their yolks were almost orange, and they tasted ... well, like the best eggs I've ever had. Sure, that's because they were straight from the source, vs. all jacked up on factory hormones, etc... but I think it was just as much from the generosity and goodwill of a true friend.

Christina is taking the UC Master Gardening course, where she will learn all about organic farming, and expand on the backyard garden and mini-farm she already has going. In the middle of a huge city. We can all take a lesson from HER, and try and incorporate some true freshness in our daily lives, wherever we live.

THANK YOU, Christina dear!!! Best. Eggs. Ever.

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