Friday, September 25, 2009

Wild Thing Carol!

I could already NOT WAIT until Where The Wild Things Are comes out (October 16, unless someone sneaks me into the premiere) and then I saw this during my travels yesterday:

So I now know that it is written by one of my all-time favorite authors, Mr. Dave Eggers (who I painted walls alongside at the 826LA Venice chapter, and so highly revere I could bow just at his mention), and directed by Spike Jonze (who I met back in the old Team Haro days, and have been impressed with ever since), AND has a Wild Thing Monster called Carol? I love it, sight unseen.

And speaking of Wild ... This weekend is Abbot Kinney Street Festival Weekend! Venice Homecoming! I expect to roughly resemble the furry Carol above by the end of it all ...

C'mon down this Sunday!

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