Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to Blogtown!

A nickname for Venice, California is Dogtown. A nickname for me is CJ. I am a writer. It didn't take much thought to get the animated light bulb over my head saying, "BLOGTOWN (by CJ)". Of COURSE! Over the years I've written a lot of articles, and people keep asking where to find more of my work, ala "Do you have a Blog?" I did not. So when that kept coming up, I realized I'd better get with the times (um ... really. I've got a lot of work to do in that vein - you should see my phone. I keep pleading, "It's Punk Rock", but it's truthfully more that I'm just slow with things like technology. That's a topic for another day, however.), and here we are.

I grew up in Minnesota, listening to Garrison Keillor and his Prairie Home Companion radio show. My hope for BLOGTOWN is that it can be a bit like the work of a younger, wilder, female Mr. Keillor, who tells stories and rants about the happenings of not Lake Wobegon, but the ones the little city next to the Ocean Pacific ... Venice. I've lived out here for 14 years now. I've supported local businesses pretty much exclusively. I've volunteer taught many of the neighborhood's children through Venice Arts. I stand in line to vote about street permit parking (Against, fyi). I am an involved Citizen, for sure. Most importantly, I've befriended everyone from my Can Collector folks to Famous Artists, and have found that all have equally fascinating tales to tell.

There are so many people/characters I've seen around over the years that I've always wondered what their back-story is. There are businesses and shops and houses and gardens that I've longed to know how they began for ages. There are urban legends and true stories and events and community celebrations to get to the bottom of. This will be a place for all of that, but also whatever I feel like. Sometimes I get all riled up about something and just have to get it out. Sometimes I'll go on the road and tell you about other places and scenarios, which always serve to illuminate how nice it is to return to Venice (even just from Hollywood), no matter how outlandish the adventure. Sometimes I'll eat somewhere great and pass that along to you. Sometimes I'll see someone (or a Government) being a jerk and call them out (but I hope I won't have to). Sometimes I'll ask for help for someone or their Cause. I will invite you to things, and give you the heads up for things you don't want to miss. Sometimes I'll see a film or read a book that moves me to my core, and I'll beg you to see or read it. Sometimes I'll tell you about music shows I've been to, and try to pass along the same chills I've felt seeing something wonderful, and perhaps turn you on to something new. And I hope you'll do the same for me, dear readers and friends. We are a COMMUNITY, after all. If you live nowhere near Venice, or haven't even heard of it (Really?), then WELCOME! Enjoy. You'll get here eventually ...

To be born on 09/09/09 means in numerology that you will be filled with truth, justice, compassion and success (so says Google). It is my hope that this is true, for both babies and blogs. I'll look forward to sharing with you, and seeing you out and about. If you see me, please tell me YOUR story, because everyone has one. Thank you so much for visiting my life here, as we're all part of the same poem. As an old Venice saying goes, "Poetry is what Venice is all about. It ain't the only thing, but it's the fundamental thing." And away we go!

*Special, heart-felt THANKS to Matt Ellis & Vavine Tahapehi, for helping me to create this Local Venice Hang-Out Since 2009. I truly could not (as you know) have done it without you. Deep LOVE and FRIENDSHIP always.


  1. 9.9.9. the birth of such a wonderful creation 'Blogtown' ! I wish you an abundance of warmth, love and support. I wish you many bike rides with amigos around round-abouts in Venice. I wish you many more beach birthday gatherings, store front music beats, and quaffable elixers of goodness. I wish you many random inexplicable moments of meeting more inspiring people and passionate souls. I wish you a orange hibiscus in full bloom all year! Enjoy and write about the hive of upcoming activities and events. A radical recipe for bannana bread and more baking tasty triumphs. The secret ingrediant: L.O.V.E!!!!!

    Cheers C.J I am looking forward to being in the know and where to go, what to eat and where to drink, the spot to dance and find romance, take a stroll and and smoke a bowl !!!!!! ONE LOVE!!!!!

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 3:56 PM

  2. Hello CJ, It was wonderful to see you and Stephanie tonight. Thanks for reminding me to join your blog. Sometimes we all just need a little push to get into new things. Venice and the westside of LA is such an easy place to relax and hit the cruise control button on life. So thank you for getting me to switch to manual for a change.
    all the best!