Thursday, May 25, 2017

O.G. Trike For Sale!

We were out on a foggy sunset walk last night at the beach, and when we strolled past Hinano's, I noticed a little trike locked up there ... and its little sign announcing it for sale.

Classic Venice Beach Tricycle 
38,000 Original miles - ALL WEST OF LINCOLN (mainly Speedway and The Boardwalk)
Pretty sweet off jumps and handles like the old roller coaster before it burnt down 
Safety bar removed for extra ballsy-ness
Vintage marine layer oxidation w/candy apple red
Imagine yourself in the cockpit of this little beauty! 
$150,000 OBO
Price includes lock/chain
Enquire (sic) @ Maui & Sons
Best offer takes her on Saturday at 2:00

Pretty sweet off jumps! I love it. I love fun people. Keep up the good work of fun, everyone! We need it now more than ever. It seems a little steep to me, but you know Venice these days ... I just hope it goes to a good family.


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