Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Kind Of Sunrise Dawns On Abbot Kinney

Yay. I'm excited to announce that Another Kind Of Sunrise is now open for biz on Abbot Kinney! The lovely idea was brought to reality by owners Diana Garcia and Gregory Rogove, with the help of a super successful Kickstarter campaign (they made MORE than they needed!) and great friends and family.

Located in a little alleyway next to The Stronghold building, locals and tourists alike are already lining up to get their cereal fix, Handsome coffee, Moon Juice, Distira teas, Mylkman milk and handmade bowls of Paleo granola, Chia porridge and Acai. Yuuuum.

The sidewalk is painted from the sun to the moon. The big mural by Garcia and Brandon Boyd is complete. The benches are inviting, as kiwi begins to grow around you. The hosts are awesome and fun to talk to. You walk in and immediately feel like you want to hang out a while, any time of day.

As Garcia told me, "It's been beautiful to see the support and love for this place already." It's clear from the great Kickstarter response, and all the friends and family kicking in with design, painting, and help of all sorts, that this is truly a labor of love. There is a distinct sense of place here, with the mad creative vibes and community involvement, that is all about Venice. It will become even more so once they start hosting their acoustic music nights, art events, and all that good kind of stuff.

They're still figuring out what the hours will be, but the aim is to satisfy your cereal fix when you crave it. Stop in and say hi during this weekend's Abbot Kinney Festival, and see what you're in for.
It's on. Garcia and Rogove are ready and welcoming all to share in THIS kind of sunrise. Enjoy!

Another Kind Of Sunrise
1629 Abbot Kinney Boulevard

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  1. Congratulations Diana and Gregory!! Happy to hear you are open!! Sounds like a great place!!