Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thomas Houseago Exhibit at L & M Arts

All Together Now. What good timing for this great-named exhibit of Thomas Houseago's sculptures at L & M Arts Gallery on Venice Boulevard. That was the vibe of President Obama's State Of The Union speech last night, and would be great if it could be our vibe all the time. Fittingly, much of Houseago's work entails the human form, if through the eyes of a tribal chieftan or maybe even a little Picasso.

Houseago is a young, Los Angeles based artist, hailing from Leeds, England. The sculptures currently featured at L & M (January 22nd - March 5, 2011) are all brand new, and from the materials he uses (Tuf-Cal, hemp, iron rebar, bronze, redwood ...) to the images they become, you feel the past merging with the right now.

Mom and I took advantage of the gorgeous Venice day to take a stroll down the block and check it all out. Following are some of our favorites from the exhibit ...

Wood Totem, 2010

Tujunga Series (Moon and Pine), 2010

Study (Hands-Feet II) Waking, 2011

Bottle II, 2010

Dancer II, 2010

Moon Figure, 2010

Giant Mask (Cave), 2010

Cool stuff. A really wide variety of styles and feelings, figures and landscapes. Do check it out for yourselves, as it's pretty cool to have such world class art as your neighbor.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Larry Nelson was back at it this morning, creating his just as beautiful works, though it may be washing away even now as I type. After L & M, we decided to carry on with our golden afternoon amble, to the shore, to see what the sand wound up becoming today.

From the sparkly bikini'd bodybuilder lady being photographed nearby, to the surfers cruising up to behold this wonder, everyone at the beach got a dose of culture today as well.

I wonder if L & M would be into doing a very Venice exhibit of sand sculpture sometime? I loved the juxtaposition of today so much ... art just everywhere!

All together now!

Houseago: L & M Arts Gallery, 660 Venice Boulevard, Venice.

Nelson: The Venice Breakwater, Pacific Ocean, Venice.

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