Friday, November 12, 2010

Stoked On Venice.

Reach out and bring all the energy floating out there closer to your heart -- it's key to enjoying this magical day for all it's worth ...

So read part of my horoscope this morning, and how absolutely true! Walking along the beach this morning, my heart just swelled with gratitude, at how truly magical this day is. The bluest water (If you've seen The Road, you know how special this is), sparkling in the WARM sunshine. The family of dolphins swimming by slowly, like they were on a Sunday (Friday) drive, teaching the baby one how to cruise. Tons of surfers out at the Venice Breakwater, each one pretty good, doing fancy walking moves up and down their boards. (Which you can't really see here, but just trust me, it was all cool):

At one point, I just stopped and sat down on the sand to soak it all up, to appreciate our belated Summer. Strangers walked by, all smiles. Familiar faces giving a two-arms-raised greeting as I rode by them on the Boardwalk, in a mutual understanding of the VICTORY of living that today simply IS.

I love it all so much. And so did an extra grungy guy down there, repeating my head thoughts almost verbatim. Glory. Beauty. Victory. Appreciation. These things tie us all together so much more than any force that seeks to divide us in our humanity.

I guess what I'm saying is sometimes we need to just turn it all off (News, Media, phones, drama, pettiness, blah) and listen to our hearts, and FEED them. All this positive energy really is floating all around us all the time, if only we draw it in close and acknowledge it. It then gets passed on, because your stoke affects the next person you bump into, who you stoke, and then they go stoke someone, and on and on ... Oh man, that sounds so hippie-style, which I suppose I am, but I also really mean it. A small dose of gratitude a day does crazy wonders for your spirit, and thus everyone's around you.

And today I am O.D.'ing.

Thank you, beautiful Venice.

Have a STELLAR weekend, beautiful People!


  1. Jenny Everhart's phone took that Breakwater picture! Because I was too busy turning my face into the sun, beaming.

  2. im committed to making my saturday like your friday! :)
    love from your neighbor

  3. Relaxing on coastal cruise control