Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mmmm ... VeNICE!

I swear I think I had a true moment of enlightenment this morning (whatever that really means). The beach was SO beautiful as I walked along that I had to stop with my feet in the water, and just listen to the waves roll in, feel the warm sunshine on my face, and rejoice internally. I shut my eyes. The shape that took form on the inside of my eyelids from the sun was a neon pink heart. In that moment I realized, once and for all, that the only point at all to the time we spend alive is Love. And all the many shapes and forms that takes: Human, animal, musical, edible, readable, tangible, intangible, and on and on. Giving it. Accepting it. Searching for it. Finding it. Sharing it. Understanding it. Recognizing the beauty in it. Remembering it. Love. That is the only answer to it all.

I think we can lose sight of that sometimes, as the world beats you down a few times, and you get some walls built up, and you doubt, and you distrust, and you fear. That is so sad, and so contagious, and so rampant in these weirdo times, both locally and globally. Our innate ability to love begins to tarnish, and hate sees those openings and gets in there, and War.

Then you have a perfect moment on the beach, truly not thinking of the past or future at all, but just completely soaking in the NOW, feeling only gratitude for it, and you REMEMBER. Then later on, your little homie, JZ, comes to visit from NYC. We go to the park at the beach. He hangs from monkey bars. He sees surfers. He eats a very mature palate for a two year old slice of mushroom pizza at Abbot's. He was just chilling, perfectly parroting everything we said, and making us laugh constantly. The kid deserved a cone at Nice Cream. Now you see this face and want only to preserve that innate love and inner joy, at the littlest things.

Preserve it for him, renew it in myself, and spread it all over.


Your hippie friend, CJG.

*Note that young JZ's shirt says "Stop Global Warming". THAT is what our World should be throwing rallies and tripping out about, not anything else you hear about on the nightly news. Please wake up. Thanks.

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