Thursday, November 21, 2019

Clogtown: Frostbeard Studio - Homemade Goods For Book Nerds!

Hi. I'm not gonna lie ... things have not been easy for me lately here in the heartland. Fighting with insurance companies, and trying - and often feeling like I'm failing - to have my mother receive good care is really some of the hardest (though most worth it) work I've ever done, emotionally speaking. After losing her leg this summer, Mom fell and broke her shoulder. Then it was broken worse while at her assisted living place, which required surgery last week. One very draining evening, I left the hospital to go get something to eat, when a sign on a door on Chicago Avenue caught my eye - Frostbeard Studio - Homemade Goods for Book Nerds. What?! Me! I'm a book nerd! The brakes were slammed on, and I ran in to check this place out.

This place is exactly my cup of tea. There is a very little storefront part, where the literary themed items they make are on display, and yep - I wanted pretty much everything.

The main product being made at Frostbeard Studio are soy candles with book inspired scents, like Darcy's Parlour and Sherlock's Study, Old Books and Wizardy Buttery Drink. As the holidays are now very much upon us, they have a whole Christmassy vibe line, like Christmas At The Burrow, Holiday Hygge, and Christmas In The Great Hall. The mood I was in when I got there was Bah Humbug, and it also happened to be my favorite scent of all their candles. Sold.

There are book bags, book cards, book art prints, book shirts, book hoodies, book mugs ("Do you even read?" and "Open Book. Sniff. Read. Repeat."), and, clearly, everyone needs book socks in their stocking.

... all book related things, and all would make the greatest gifts for your bookish friends - along with a good book, of course.

I met the owner, Roxie, while I was there, and she couldn't have been nicer. I love it when people have a dream and make it happen, and that's just what went down here. They wanted to be their own bosses, they wanted to make their living at art, they wanted to make book nerds happy with awesome things that need to exist, and they want to spread the message that reading is cool!

 I love it. And I love everything about Frostbeard Studio, so here I am, publicly thanking them for first, existing, and for second, making my super extra gnarly day so much better just by knowing something so cool (and new to me) exists, and for turning my Bah Humbug into more of a Hygge attitude. Thanks!

I can see these items in Small World Books and Burro in Venice (they do wholesale!), and I can see them gift wrapped all over the land this holiday season ... just in time for the nation's beards to be actually frosty.

Holiday Cheers, fellow Book Nerds!

Frostbeard Studio
3506 Chicago Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Open Monday - Saturday 10A-5P

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