Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas In Dogtown

After the depressing sight of seeing a Starbucks open for business on our Venice Boardwalk, I needed a boost in my awful, disappointed mood. I got it when a few yards away I saw that some of the people that live on the beach had decorated the umbrella things for Christmas, with a sign that said "Christmas in Dogtown".

I loved that, because it shows that the Christmas spirit is felt by everyone, and also serves as a reminder of just exactly where we are. A place that has always moved to the beat of its own drum (circle). A place that is storied for it's artists, musicians, skaters, surfers, writers, and all of those unafraid to let their freak flags fly. Not a place that wants or needs a corporate chain like the ultimate slap in the face to Venice that a Starbucks on the Boardwalk is. Not a place that would support a Ben & Jerry's moving in RIGHT next door to Charly Temmel's. How insensitive and disrespectful to a long time Mom and Pop business can you be? No one that cares about Venice should be supporting ANY chain store within the city limits. People will argue their "change is inevitable" points, and I really don't care to hear them. People know in their hearts that this is wrong, and that Venice is Dogtown - and should be allowed to be one of the few originals left on this planet full of greed and corporate interests. We don't want to be like everyone else. That's why we're here. But for how long if places like this are allowed to ruin all local character? To run out all the local businesses? To make this legend of a place become just another anonymous mall in America. Gross.

Please think about it all - as well as your part in it - as we prepare to celebrate Christmas in Dogtown.

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