Thursday, December 13, 2018

BLASPHEMY! Starbucks Opens On The Venice Boardwalk.

It's an absolutely beautiful perfect day in Venice, 76 and sunny, everyone looking and feeling great as I cruised down the Boardwalk on my morning visit to the ocean. There have long been rumors that a Starbucks was going to take over the space vacated by the Venice Freak Show, but no one ever thought it could really happen - not here in Venice, one of the most unique places in the world that actively shuns corporate interests and homogenization. But it has. The doors are now open for business at Starbucks (THE symbol of gentrification) in the Freak Show space, in what is the biggest possible slap in the face to a community perhaps ever. Anyone who thought this was a good idea is sadly out of touch with reality.

The business that was the MOST perfect Venice Boardwalk attraction possible has been replaced by the LEAST likely place to ever be welcome in this town ... and people are upset. I'm upset. WHO thought this would go over well? I believe Snapchat is still the landlord of the building, so we'll continue to despise them and wish their stock to fall ever lower in a karmic comeuppance that is celebrated by Venetians every time we hear of a new low. Whenever I see someone grown putting one of Snap's stupid filters on their face, I lose a little respect. Seriously. But, STARBUCKS?! On the BOARDWALK?! This is war.

There was a security guard (what coffee shop needs a guard? They know we don't want them.) holding court outside the place (as I'd NEVER step a foot inside), and I asked if it was open. He replied that it was, and I nearly cried. I told him this was outrageous and to please tell his employer that we don't want them here and they are not ever going to be welcome. I know some misguided people like their Starbucks coffee, but if I ever see anyone from Venice going into this location, there's going to be words. If you must have that swill, there are plenty of other locations that don't spit in the face of Venice. A Starbucks on the Boardwalk was always a joke, like yeah right, that could never happen. But here it is. It's times like these that you really miss the V-13.

It was quiet when I was down there, with maybe one or two tourists going in, but I'm hoping this is the calm before the storm. The storm of outraged people who love Venice and realize that this seriously puts the entire history and legacy of Venice on the endangered list - if not quite extinct yet. The storm of protests that greet this corporate behemoth every day they open their doors. The storm of a backlash so big that it puts this Starbucks location out of business before their lease is up.

Starbucks just wrecked my beautiful morning, and I'm pissed. People are making signs of protest as you read, and I hope that you will give this terrible joke of a space the double middle fingers every time you pass by - until it's gone.



  1. Is this really such a bad thing? I stopped in, took a minute to meet the people that are working inside, and met the veteran that manage the construction of this location. I wasn’t happy, then I realized the people inside are locals. Starbucks could of made sure that you couldn’t miss this if walking by, but they didn’t. They did their best to fit in with the environment. You really would miss it walking by, if you didn’t know where it is. Now, about the freak show....they moved to Vegas, making 10x as much money. They wouldn’t come back if we gave them a place. And besides, I’m happy they are gone. I once seen an man in the show, having sex with someone, just outside the building. And as for keeping Venice the way it is? You mean the overwhelming smell of human waste, grown men peeing in the sand, rite next to the bathroom? Or how about the guy who only has a blanket wrapped around him? Or the people throwing up where my kid just walked the day before? I’ve been here 15 years and would love to see this place cleaned up. Why am I pointing all of this out? Starbucks donated more to the Venice Beach cleanup than all the businesses combined this year. The only problem that this location is going to bring is the people protesting and trying to burn the building down. Ya, I said it. And believe me, the veteran who built this place, he knows what the locals are saying. And he knows who is in charge of the “dogs”. I firmly believed him when he stated “if anything happens to the people inside, you better believe I’m holding those people accountable”. So Mark, I would think twice before you order violence on this man, or anyone else thinking of it. This guy knows his environment, he knows a lot of the locals, and spent a lot of time and money to support these people. So again, let me make sure everyone understands. This location employees local people, and a veteran of this great country constructed it. All I’m asking is for people to try and look at the positive, because there is just too much negativity in this world. There are people out there who drink that coffee every single day. So when their isnt a location near, they go and find one. So when a family staying in the hotel next door wakes up, and wants their Starbucks, they can walk next door, and spend the day at the beach. Their last option was to go into town, and most of the time, they stay in town. Now, they stay at the beach. Take a moment and talk to the veteran, I’m sure he will be hanging out on the front, wishing a great day to the people yelling “f-you”. And on that note, tell me who is creating the noise here? The store that is silent, or the people riding by screaming obscenities?

  2. Yes, it really is such a bad thing. Venice has always been one of the most unique places in the world, and corporate chains were never supposed to be here. They are not welcome.

    1. So you are just focused on the Starbucks name? That’s what’s wrong with this world now. People get tunnel vision and don’t care what others opinions are, even the ones who live in the community. So why are you not mad at the city of Venice? They are the ones who approved the location, and the permits. Why attack the people who are just feeding their families? Because that’s what happens at the protests and when rocks are thrown. I stopped by again today, and couldn’t of been met with friendlier faces. Oh yes, and the security comment... the building has always had security, way before Starbucks. Because the homeless set up camp, and they were using the building as a bathroom. If this is the uniqueness you are speaking of about Venice, I personally want it to change, because that’s all I see. The people on the boardwalk that are set up for buisness, they are happy it’s here, it keeps the people at the beach. I get it, some of you don’t want corporations on the boardwalk, but go about it the rite way. It could be your child working inside there. Go through the proper channels. They are just here to work

    2. That’s the best reply to the mans post you could come up with? He’s not saying to welcome them, he simply saying to go about things in a different way. Not to attack the people inside, actually complain to the people who approved it. If the construction should of never happened, this take it up with the city. And as for having words with locals who stop in, are you trying to controls a persons rights? This is crazy. This world has turned into a bunch of cry babies, and people who what things without lifting a finger. You complain about the location, but say nothing about the overwhelming issue of homelessness. Again, if corporations are not allowed in Venice, then take it up with the people who rite the laws. Do things the rite way, don’t just talk about it and hope things change. I’m a Venice resident, raised my kids here, and plan on living my last days here. It’s amazing to see the ugliness that has tried to take over Venice. You know what was here before the small shops? Homes. Homes that were destroyed for the shops to move in. I’m sure those people were also told that retail would never take their places. But they did. And then the next generation of people came in and they feel like they own the rite to say what happens here in Venice. It’s all comical. Just because you walk the boardwalk every morning, doesn’t mean you know what’s good for all the locals. If you truly love Venice, you should be more focused on the trash and homeless that have taken over.

    3. It sounds like we agree, not sure what your issue is with me. No one said anything about attacking, anywhere. Regarding homelessness here, I'm making a documentary about it, with plenty to say. And it's right, not rite. Thank you for reading.

  3. Yo this f****** Starbucks is there a f****** rude when you ask for a staff member my name is Reuben and everytime I come to the Starbucks on the boardwalk I get treated like s*** that's not right you guys need to fix that attitude you guys got so manager I'm asking you guys need to talk to your staff on Saturday 8:31 in the morning Sam is one of the best guys do you have working there Elia is also one of the best workers she is the best number one including salmon