Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Jacarandas Are Blooming!

For about the last two weeks I've been getting memories on Facebook that say "First Jacaranda sighting of the season!" or something like that, but this year has been slow to see the gorgeous purple flowered trees spring to life and announce the official start of our "Spring" in California.

Yesterday I was heading back from dinner, I looked down and saw purple blossoms on the sidewalk. I looked up to see a small jacaranda tree, just starting to bloom! It's a late bloomer of a year in a lot of ways, but I get the same thrill every time I see the first mist of purple filling the streets of L.A. Spring has truly sprung! Finally. And here comes Summer! 

*Just don't park your car under these beauties. They're a drag to clean off.

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