Friday, October 20, 2017

Bioluminescence - The Northern Lights Of The Ocean!

I've been a little bit of an evening hermit lately, with all the sports and stuff happening, spending most nights at home with friends, feeling the onset of what passes for autumn in California. Minneapolis friends came to town last night, though, and you gotta take them out. After a stop at Wabi Sabi, we hit The Townhouse. It was the kind of night you do shots. After a while, my friend needed some air, so we went outside, down to the water. I swear, JUST as I was saying that sometimes at night you'll see the bioluminescent plankton glowing bright blue in the water, and one second later, BAM! Waves of neon blue! It was so exciting!

We ran back to The Townie to get the boys, and drag them back down to the shore with us to see this natural phenomenon. As we raced back down there, our Minneapolis friend revealed that he'd never in his life even seen the ocean! To stand there and watch him watching the absolute beauty that is this sight was just the best ... it really is like seeing the Northern Lights, but in the water instead of the skies. The bioluminescence usually occurs during a red tide event (I looked it up), and usually lasts a few nights at least. It's so SO cool. I've lived here 22 years, and this was only like the third time I've ever seen it, and it was for sure the most spectacular time. If you're near the beach tonight, do yourselves a favor tonight and go down there to check it out. We stood there like we were watching fireworks, oohing and aahing for a long time, and when we finally decided to split, it was still so mesmerizing that we had to walk backwards across the sand to keep watching it.

Mother Nature is awesome. Get out there while we've still got her! And have an excellent weekend.

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