Thursday, December 1, 2016

How Did I Get Through The Day?

There's a gorgeous, dreamy new video out from Har Mar Superstar for his song, "How Do I Get Through The Day?" and it was directed by my good friend, Phil Harder. It stars Minneapolis along with Har Mar, in all its fall glory ...

Harder is a veteran award winning music video director, always known for his stunning visuals. I hope you saw his sublime and just as gorgeous, Low: Movie - How To Quit Smoking, and if you haven't, I can wait while you do ...

Cool. Harder told me that Har Mar called him on a Friday saying he wanted to do a video floating down the Mississippi River while the fall colors were still in all their glory. They shot the following Sunday, after quick building a wonderful Huck Finn type raft/boat that Harder's wife Isabelle fitted with mirrors for Har Mar to stand on, giving it all a beautiful, reflective, mysterious wonder. Harder shared a making of video with me that showed how the magic was created, showing just how very close Mr. Superstar was to falling into the Mighty Miss. Many of the shots had Harder propping him up from below for safety purposes, as Harder told him, "Act like you're on a stage, but we're not." Interestingly, the iffy balancing act was because they had to go fast to create the slow motion effect. Some shots were also flipped in post. Simple (but not) as that. I love every frame (especially going by the Grain Belt sign and the bridge with a train going by).

I also love the tune itself. Aside from its cool oldie crooner style, with so much bad news going on every day, it really does beg the question some days of how in the holy hell did I get through today?! But you somehow did. Songs like this help. Beauty as seen in this video helps. Awesome people coming together to create something fantastic really helps.

Shout out to Har Mar and Harders (and crew) for this very special piece of work. And for helping me get through today.

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