Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gløgg Fest 2016!

Gløgg Fest 2016 is on the books, and it was a grand old time. So much so that I took almost no photos, and just kept the gløgg flowing. Venice always feels like such a community to me at the holidays ... we all come together to spread good cheer and let each other know how much we mean to each other all year long. At least that's how I see it.

Friends came and raised a glass by the fire as we all hoped for a better 2017, and bid a kind of fond farewell to the crazy year that we're just wrapping up. Cookies help. Especially if they're cherry chip.

We love to share our Norwegian heritage with folks who often have never heard of lefse, and some were treated to their very first cup of the Viking mulled wine concoction we call the gløgg. Shout out to my friend Mira for bringing the true Viking spirit and sporting braids with sparkly bows. Viking horns and costumes are always encouraged.

I'm heading back to the North Country tonight to be merry with the hometown crew, and feel so happy that my holiday finale in Venice was spent with such a wonderful crew of good people. To those that couldn't be there this year, you were missed and loved and felt.

God Jul/Merry Christmas to all! Love for an incredible new beginning in 2017, with the knowledge that the People have the power to make things good. We can do it.

* Group photo update coming as soon as Paul Gronner Photography edits them up!

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