Monday, November 14, 2016

The Westside Collective - A Mobile Boutique In Venice

A while back I started seeing super cute stuff pop up on Instagram from a cute little mobile trailer boutique in Venice called The Westside Collective. I reached out to its owner, Heather Roma, to find out a little more about it and check out all the great stuff, and hear how it came to be parked there on Lincoln Boulevard.

Roma was born in the Virgin Islands, raised in Connecticut and Florida, and did everything in fashion that you can think of along the way. She got bored in Florida, didn't really have a plan, but knew she wanted to move here. She began a fashion consulting and styling business called Westside Consulting, where she helped people launch their fashion brands, and did styling for photo shoots and things.

Living in Venice was great, and then Roma got pregnant and moved to Topanga. She found a fantastic trailer by chance, and at 8 months pregnant decided to start another business. This was not planned, but that's how life goes sometimes. Baby Hendrix was born, and Roma loaded up the truck with beautifully curated pieces for women, babies, pets, gifts, and the home, and started hitting festivals and having fun with it.

Topping was a bit too slow to keep it open up there between festivals, so when Roma heard about an opening to park the truck at the Love Shack space at 2121 Lincoln Boulevard, she took it, and has been parked there since May of this year. Everything in the truck is California or American made, and everything has an ethical aspect ... and everything is adorable.

From Roma's own brand, Growler Goods, that makes tipis for dogs (and coming soon will be big ones for play rooms or outdoor/meditation spaces) to the highly covetable dresses by Pitusa, to the crystal trolls by Blonde Omen ... there really is something for everyone in this great little trailer. Roma also has her own line of dresses and bodysuits, all of which I loved.

"I love the community feel in Venice, and there's always something to do here," said Roma, "I just love it here." Like her store, she thinks there's something for everyone here in Venice, and there is. She loves getting her coffee at Deus up the street, checking out what's new at Golden State, and is generally so busy that that stretch of Lincoln is her main domain.

The Westside Collective holds monthly local designer residencies (this month is Blonde Omen's turn), where their goods are featured on a table out front, and coming up on December 17, there will be a pop up Holiday party with drinks and fun shopping (also available online if you're elsewhere).

Lincoln is really becoming a destination for cool and interesting spots, and The Westside Collective is a most welcome addition to the neighborhood. Stop in any day, 10-6 and see what's up on the best side.

The Westside Collective
2121 Lincoln Boulevard

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