Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Stoop - Get Your Fresh Venice Cookies!

I've seen these guys hanging out in lawn chairs on their roof on Windward Avenue for a while now, kicking it and watching the day go by. Yesterday I saw that these guys aren't just chilling all day at all ... they're manning their little organic cookie window shop! I skidded to a stop to find out what was what.

What was is these three guys from Michigan came out here to surf, but needed to make a living while they were at it, so they opened up The Stoop. Brothers Kyle and Dustin Stuart come from a Centennial family farm in Michigan - Stuart Family Organics - where they grow wheat and grains. They teamed up with their friend Wesley VanderKolk to start off a cottage food operation out of Kyle's apartment baking up organic cookies with their own family-grown ingredients. I love it.

I love when people use their backgrounds and talents to make a happy life for themselves in a unique way, and that's surely what these fellows are doing here. There is a slot for tips to go to the surfboard fund, and it's not unusual to find them closed up for a while if there's a good swell rolling in.

It's not just Specoli guys goofing off though, at all. These are seriously delicious cookies (I had the oatmeal maple raisin delectable one), and blow any Girl Scout joke of a cookie all the way away. Just reading the ingredient label made me feel healthier, but tasting confirmed it. The Stoop delivers. (Which they soon actually will - Venice people will be able to get a fresh cookie delivered to their doorstep. Life is good.)

Focusing purely on cookies has stepped up their cookie game, as they're not distracted by a whole slew of items, just great cookies - like Coconut Cranberry, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Peanut Butter, and my Oatmeal Raisin. It's one thing to get a cookie somewhere, but another entirely when you know you're helping to support young, fun entrepreneurs making the most of the chill of Venice. That cookie window over at Leona has some stiff competition now ... but this window supports surfing.

Get your freshly baked cookies at The Stoop!

239 Windward Avenue
9am-12pm (break for surfing) 4pm-'til they're sold out.

Instagram: Thestoopca

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