Friday, November 6, 2015

Tommy Guerrero - Perpetual Release At The Townhouse

After growing up with Tommy Guerrero always on our t.v. in the Bones Brigade skate videos, I got the chance to see him play his music live last night at The Townhouse (a mere stone's throw from the Venice Skatepark), and I was as super impressed with his jams as I always was with his skating.

The Del Monte Speakeasy in the basement was packed with skaters (like Jeff Ho and the usual band of brothers) and fans, and we got there just in time to hear Carlos make the band's heartfelt introduction. Guerrero's tunes are all instrumental, and reminded me a bit of a more modern Dick Dale ... super expansive, transportive music that makes you feel like you're on vacation. A real cool vacation. In my hand was a vacation style cocktail The Townhouse's Dorian invented for me ... ask him for the "CJ Sour". Yum.

My brother was the reason those videos were always on our t.v. growing up, so he was extra happy to meet one of the heroes of his youth. And they're both still skating.

The occasion for the show was the release of Guerrero's brand new - and awesome - album, Perpetual. The music we were listening to live was so good that I wound up buying two c.d.s, one for me and one for a present to spread the good vibes ever wider.

Perpetual is going to be on the Venice soundtrack for a good long while, for sure. You probably want to get your hands on your own copy pretty soon, so you'll be down with it too. So good, so fun, thanks to all for the great music and the great night on the town at The Townie.

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