Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OP Memories Mural

There is a new-ish mural on the side of the Venice Suites Hotel, between Ocean Front Walk and Speedway. I love it.

It reminds me of old-school OP images, and I have a shirt just like it. For some reason, in my hometown in Minnesota, we had an OP outlet store that was on the way home from school. I think it used to be a dental office or something, and then one day it was an OP store. We'd spend ages in there going through the piles and racks of clothes, and we'd find something cool every time, usually for like five bucks. Then one day the store was gone, as fast and mysteriously as it arrived, but while it was there, it sealed the deal for me that I knew I'd one day live in California (an idea that began with listening to The Beach Boys and watching Sunkist "Good Vibrations" soda ads as a tiny girl). And now I do, and I see images like this in real life every day. And that is awesome.

Now, I wonder where all those fresh shirts wound up ... Hey OP, how about some re-issues? And thanks for the beautiful mural, Venice Suites. Love it.

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