Friday, June 20, 2014


I was writing a song the other day for my project with the wonderful and genius Matt Jennings (who is in from Minneapolis and treating folks in the Solana Beach area to a fresh show tomorrow night at Belly Up - attend!), and as it progressed along, the word that kept coming to mind as the point of it all (for the song, and probably life itself) was Grow. I was all wrapped up in the idea that nothing else much matters besides loving and growing.

Then I walked over to my friend's house on Nowita that evening for a barbecue, and saw this rad little bungalow, with the very word that had been ringing in my head all day right on the front of the house.

Synchronicity. Manifestation. Whatever, it was cool.

Treasures like these are what make Venice - and life - special.  As we cruise into Summer 2014 (HAPPY SOLSTICE TOMORROW!!!), that's what I'll keep in mind. GROW.

*Stay tuned for the tune it inspired!

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