Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Venice Has Got Talent!

Venice's own William Close (our friend Billy) is in the FINALS - TONIGHT -  for America's Got Talent with his gigantic Earth Harp act, and you really should tune in and check it out -

Billy is a really interesting guy, and his Museum Of Music and Instruments (MOMAI) in Venice is super interesting, and has been host to a great many musical throw-downs. Billy thinks up an instrument and then just makes it happen. I remember the Earth Harp being strung up down at the beach for Venice's Centennial celebration, and it really was awesome, outside overlooking the ocean and sending the harp song up into the breeze. Special.

 Our dear friend Scotty P. is going to be there with Billy tonight, banging drums, and I really think they're going to win! But they need everyone to vote, so if you could do that too, that would be so nice. I could normally care less about reality t.v. - or most t.v. period, but these guys will win a million dollars and get their own show for a year in Las Vegas ... and we really want to visit Scotty P. and hang out by his Vegas pool, so please VOTE TONIGHT.

NBC. Check your local listings and tune in to witness our Venice homies take the prize!

UPDATE:  William and the Earth Harp took third. They lost to a comedian and a dog act. Extra lame.

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  1. William Close has been one of the most impressive acts on Americas Got Talent. He always leaving me wanting more and I’ve labeled him as this years million dollar act. I never would’ve watched this awesome show if my coworker at Dish hadn’t convinced me to watch. Watching my shows like AGT and others on primetime offers me the option to skip commercials using the Auto Hop feature. You can always watch the commercials this feature just eliminates the need to manually fast forward them. This takes the hassle of hitting the fast forward and rewind buttons to get to the next scene.