Monday, December 5, 2011

Kelley Baker Brows Grand Opening on Abbot Kinney!

Update 12/2/13

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kelley Baker Brows! Wow, time flies when you're making everyone look gorgeous!

In the last two years, things have grown in leaps and bounds for Kelley Baker Brows, with her brow styling getting attention all over the country. You can now buy her products online, and in Fred Segal's New Beauty store. She has two more brow artists working with her, Vanessa Ceballos and Tinel Carapia. They now also offer makeup for special events, and Kelley herself has even been doing makeup for HBO red carpets for show like Game Of Thrones. Kelley had a pop-up brow studio in the Gansevoort Hotel in New York by popular demand, and finds herself being begged for classes by people that follow her Instagram account. Stay tuned for those. Kelley is also going to be training brow artists and placing them out in the big, brow world. Busy lady!

As busy as the last two years have been, the priority is still her eight year old son, Travis, who Baker clearly dotes on. She also has no plans to leave Venice, where she loves the people and the vibe. "Venice is home", she says, and I'm so thankful that it is.

The new Kelley Baker Brows hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 8 pm.

Happy, HAPPY 2nd Birthday to everyone at KBB - and many more!

The Original Story:

Kelley Baker Brows has a brand new location, all to itself and it is GORGEOUS. As will your eyebrows be the minute you see brow guru to the stars (Venice and International), Kelley Baker. After 6 years of beautifying Abbot Kinney at other venues (Mathis Murphy, Trim), Kelley has struck out on her own, in a beautiful new location that is a one stop shop for day of beauty needs ... Facial (Alexandra Wagner), spray Tan (Lavish Tan), now brows (Kelley) and soon, the very best hair (Stephanie Hobgood Hair!!!) - all on one floor in a dope building across from Wabi Sabi. So convenient. So nice.

You can read up on Kelley's history here, but just know that she is a gem, and your brows will never look so good. If you think eyebrows are no big deal to your face, go see her just once, and you'll see the difference it makes to your hotness. This includes dudes (as Kelley says, "Men. You're supposed to have TWO eyebrows". Two.).

The new location is all white and sunny and inviting, and smells good too. Emily Hogan will welcome you at her reception desk, and you will sit and chill with Kelley, and she will proceed to change your face for the much better.

I asked Kelley how she felt about the new space, and the smile she gave me was all the answer I needed. I agree. It's so great. The entire place practically throbs with good energy.

Kelley held out to find just the right place to open for herself, but knew it had to be Venice - the people and the vibe were crucial to her dream. When things are meant to be, they have a way of working out just so. This location opened up, she went for it, and as I stopped by on opening day, it just had the feeling of RIGHT and HAPPY. I couldn't be more proud of her, or more thrilled to make my own appointment, pronto. Kelley will also do your make up for special events, and seeing how absolutely flawless she always looks, that will be my choice for the next super gala. Of course.

Kelley would like people to know that even if you have that deal where you have no hair or plucked your eyebrows beyond reason 'til you have to draw them on, there's always something that can be done. I've seen those results (on other people), and it's pretty darn miraculous. Have faith!

I asked Kelley what the most important thing she'd like people to know about her and her new space, and she simply said, "Peace and Love". Now you know for certain why I'm such a fan.

Kelley Baker Brows is there for you by appointment, or the lucky walk-in. Call 310.314.BROW to get shaped up right.

Kelley Baker Brows
1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, 90291

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