Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There are times when Venice feels very small town ... and I love them. Waves to your neighbors as you zoom by on your bike. Friends leaving fun things on your doorstep. Shop keepers knowing you'd like something and putting it aside for you. Cool favors without being asked. You know what I mean. My around the corner neighbors went away for the Summer (I miss them!), and their lovely garden is going bonkers with no one to tend to it. Check these artichokes gone to neon purple flower:

The natural world is my favorite artist, that's it. What profound use of color, and profoundly intricate sculpting! I stopped in my tracks - what the very best art provokes, no?

The other sacred morning I was on my way to the sand and sea in the SUN of Summer 2011 so far (!) and I skidded to a halt to bump hands with one of my favorite Rastas at the beach. We both happily tripped on the fact that we've already had waaaaay more of a Summer than all of last year (which didn't exist at all in Venice), and he said, eruditely, "Mother Nature is smiling at you ... Smile back!"

And that's all I did the rest of that day.

Yes I.

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