Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happiness Rocks

So many magical things happen, so often, that I bet some people think I might make stuff up sometimes. First, I don't. Second, you don't have to. Third, I usually have witnesses. Like today.

Beach walking with Jenny this morning, each charging ahead in our own reveries, up ahead I see the ethereal vision in white emerging from the gloom, walking towards us, caught up in her own thoughts ... Unitia. Unitia is so special that I hesitate to even bring her up in a public forum, as she has appeared to me at such flooring personal revelation times on the beach, that I feel almost sacred about it. She pops up right in my path right when I'm thinking my deepest possible things, and will come up with such righteously right on pearls of wisdom as "Gratitude is Glory!" right when I'm thinking along those lines. Or today, "We already have everything we need" right when I'd been thinking that no matter what circumstances are, I was thrilled to be doing exactly what I was doing in that moment. Deep.

So, just yards after we hugged and departed from the Guru, Unitia, Jenny lets out a yelp and bends down to pick something up. A smooth stone with "Happiness" written on it in purple pen. Happiness! As if to confirm what we'd all just been talking about, with multi-exclamation points. I was all happy (Happiness!) for her to have seen such a thing among all the zillions of tiny shells today ... and then a few yards later, I see another little rock that appears to have writing on it! ANOTHER Happiness rock, among the humongous beach! Double Happiness!


As we turned around and walked the other direction, towards the sunshine starting to burn through the marine layer, I shook my head, laughing and said to Jenny, "Happiness rocks."

And that is the lesson for today. Happiness indeed rocks. Make yourself some.

*Photo by Jenny Everhart. Rocks sent by The Universe. And yeah, I'm a big hippie.

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