Monday, October 25, 2010

Ancient Chinese Secret - Tom EverhART opening!

One of the very best parties in Venice EVER went down last Saturday night, at the home/gallery of painter, Tom Everhart and his goddess wife, Jennifer. You're probably familiar with them both from seeing them ride their bikes all over town, all blonde and brightly colored.

Tom's art can be seen all over the world, as he is the only artist that incorporates Peanuts (Snoopy and the Gang) characters into the fine art form. To see his art in Venice, Tom's paintings have hung in Lilly's on Abbot Kinney since they opened, and Saturday night had Venetians (and friends from other places) celebrating (in rare form) to warm the new private gallery space in their home.

It was a truly epic shindig. Cases of Veuve Clicquot sated everyone's thirst, while partygoers were met by drumming and didjeridu-ing from a couple musicians up on the rooftop. The Full Moon was shining brightly, and lit up the gorgeous guests, who were all dressed up for once in Venice! I did not see one pair of flip-flops - true story!

The paintings we were there to see (and trip out on) were the latest in Tom's Taha'a series (2010), inspired by the place that has become the Everhart's home away from home in Tahiti. Their tropical Eden is well represented by the huge splashes of color and lush scenery, where if you look closely, Snoopy can be seen diving into the majestic lagoon.

The 3D paintings comprised of acrylic, varnish and cups leap out at you in a frenzy of shape and color, with my favorite being the black and white Schroeder and Franklin (2009).

Friends and celebrities (local and otherwise - Jessica Simpson even showed up ...) tossed back glass after glass of champagne as they checked out the art, and each other. The special treat of the evening was a tribe of Tahitian drummers, who really blew the party out of the (painted) water. Glasses broke and the Cops showed up, making it a true Venice bash.

{Note to the "Neighbor" who complained: You are old and lame. 10:00 pm on a Saturday night is ok to have some noise. You live in a city. A fun one. Relax!}

Impromptu topless dancing, more champagne, moon gazing, balcony people watching, some more champagne, and all of it surrounded by the very best friends and neighbors, all having a complete ball! All you could do was soak up the good vibrations, and consider yourself to be beyond blessed to be there ... HERE.

Thank you to the MOST gracious hosts, Venetians, and truly best friends, Tom and Jenny Everhart, for a night that will not soon be forgotten! XOXOXOXOXO!!!


*Photos by the illustrious Alan Shaffer.