Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Wednesday!

Yesterday was one of the biggest, best days ever for waves in Southern California due to swells from Hurricane Maria. From The Wedge in Newport, to Malibu Surfrider, the ocean was showing OFF ... except for in Venice, where it was just merely good.

But just merely good looks like this ... a perfect, balmy evening, a path of golden sunlight setting, and a whole bunch of people out to surf the waves, look at the surfers, the sunset ... everyone having the same idea ... and it was a good one. One to remember for a long time.

It was an exciting day. Even if you have never stepped foot in the water, you could feel it in the air.

It was also my brother, Paul's 40th birthday, and we watched the above sunset from the Venice Pier, and felt only gratitude that the world around us looks and feels like this. Beautiful.

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