Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Moon Year of the Horse

Tonight is the Super Moon - meaning two new moons in the same month, AND the start of The Year of the Horse for Chinese New Year! I don't know much about it all, but I have been told that it's a great time for change, rebirth, forward motion, being honest with who you are (and want to be) and with others. All motion should be going forward, like those horses. Choices should be made for the good of the whole, shifting from Me to We. Dreams manifested now have all sorts of planetary alignment helping out to come true, and more importantly. STAY true.

So it was fitting that on my stroll today, I saw another sign on the street. Dream BIG.

AND dream small. But dream.

Hopefully you can see the moon rise where you are (We can't, but we NEED rain, so we're doing that dance instead this time) and feel its power. HAPPY Year of the Horse! Giddyup.

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