Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Fling At The Beach

Last Saturday was the Venice Spring Fling and it was the perfect day to be at the beach. In fact, I had my first ocean swim of the season, though it was as quick one as the water still has a ways to go before it's actually warm. But it was great.

The Spring Fling was in full swing when I got there, with tourists and locals alike all taking in the bright sunshine, perfect breeze, food, music, hula hooping, art booths ... the kind of day that really shows off Venice at its best and most authentic.

Everyone was walking and biking or skating, catching up with old friends and making new ones. The Boardwalk was packed, and everyone seemed to be smiling and happy to be here.

I hung out at the Free Venice Beachhead booth for a while, and got to talk to lots of our good readers. It's always a pleasure to hear what people are interested in, mad at, happy about, and what stories they think need to happen in our local paper, so it's good when there are these events that allow the people behind the stories to connect.

A big deal in Venice right now is the battle over OPDs (Overnight parking permits) that pretty much no one I know wants. Venice is supposed to be FREE and open to everyone. Overnight parking passes that you have to pay for are for other, more uptight towns, not us. David Busch was there with petitions to sign against the OPD ordinance, and spreading his demand for MORE LOVE! Yes, please.

Meet Me At The Pub and The Untouchables kept the crowd moving when I was there ... moving and moshing. Live music at the beach, with the blue ocean and skies as the backdrop, is the best.

This was one of those days - again - that you really can't ask for more from. It's all there. It's all good.

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