Monday, September 12, 2011

A Monday Morning Proposal

Monday morning ... finishing up daily constitutional when this plane flies by with a sign reading "Rebecca, will you marry me? I (Heart) You! Jeffrey". On a Monday morning ... interesting.

I turned to a maintenance worker standing near me at the bike rack, watching the plane, and just to mess with him, said, "Are you Jeffrey? I'm Rebecca." He got all flustered and it was awesome. To recover, he said, "I wish", kind of smoothly. Then as we were riding away, I said, "Have a nice day, Jeffrey!" and he said, "Oh, I will, Baby."

Good start to a new week ... let's focus on the LOVE (especially after that brutal 10 year Anniversary stuff ... lots to say about that, but we're focusing on the love, forcefully so.

Please let me know if you hear if Rebecca said Yes!

*Photo by Jennifer Everhart

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