Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Fresh Summer Start

Oh, man. Please forgive the slow season for stories, it's just that I've been a crazed person lately, super busy and no time to settle for a second ... and then I lost my phone. It's a long, dumb story (involving Uber, scotch tasting, family reunions and a "Good Samaritan" deleting all my contacts. All my messages. All my photos. All my nostalgic reasons (plus the keyboard) that I'd held on to my o.g. Blackberry forever for. Gone. Not backed up. Not able to synch to any new phone. It was a sucker punch to join the rest of you in the future and no longer be a complete Luddite. Even if I was completely forced. And I was strolling along today, overwhelmed with all sorts of new information and data and blah ... the streets of Venice again let you know it's all cool. Love it.

So now I'm in the Cloud, and I'm totally freaked out. It's too much for me right now, I don't even want to look at the thing (and enter a lifetime of contacts fresh). It feels all freaky and weird and too much ... as does the sick fact that I'm not at Lollapalooza right now. Another long story ...

But it's SUMMER in VENICE and there's so many stories to tell and things to learn and fun to be had that I can't trip out for very long. So I just jumped in to link us all up on Instagram (there's been a campaign of my friends for a while ... so, y'all.

We'll see. I have no idea what I'm doing or if I want to be doing it yet, but I'm never mad at more nice things to look at. And they're everywhere. Especially in Summer ... especially with fresh starts.

How are you doing, having fun so far this Summer? I'm glad. Hope to see you in real life soon ... it's still way better than that Cloud. Blue skies ahead ...

*And please send me a text or email if your number was ever in my phone. You can join me in the future!

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