Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peace is Powerful

There is so much going on in the world lately, it hardly seems relevant to talk about your own little stuff these days. The Occupy Movements have been so inspiring ... that the People are finally uniting together to INSIST on positive change.

My heart has been swollen with pride and crushed into pulp so many times about it all that it can be exhausting to even think about. Most recently, I saw the video of the horrible UC - Davis campus police pepper spraying the peaceful, SITTING STILL students in the face as they did NOTHING. I sobbed - out loud and immediately - that this would go on in our country at a peaceful protest. Yet it illustrated the need for change so profoundly, it was, again, inspiring, though horrific to view. The bystanders' screams of horror were the worst part to me, as they stood there in disbelief. We don't need to see it again. Ever.

Now then, look at the beautiful, though tough as nails, student reaction to the chickenshit Chancellor lady finally coming out of hiding and leaving her office:

SILENCE! PEACE! The sheer disappointment expressed by saying not one thing. That woman will remember that walk the rest of her days. As will we.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! Every time.

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