Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Tie-Dye Town

I was out and about last weekend and saw this great display on the fencing around the Venice Post Office. A guy had set up all sorts of tie-dyed items for sale, and it was a fantastic cacophony of color there on Windward Circle. I wish I hadn't been in such a rush so I could have stopped and got this guy's story, and hopefully he'll return. Tie-dye has always represented a nice, hippie vibe to me, an unspoken message of peace and love and grooviness that has always worn well in Venice.

These days, with the encroachment of money and the greed for it, there has been less tie-dye and more designer labels. Less peace and love and more anger and complaining. I've heard a lot more honking in Venice, if that tells you anything. I was in the crosswalk at Venice Boulevard and Abbot Kinney the other day and this woman was laying on her horn and swearing out her window, needing to make her left real bad. I passed by and mentioned that she might think about relaxing, which did not go over well. Neither did my laughing at her yelling at me.

That is not Venice behavior, People. Not the Venice I know and love and fight for. The big Abbot Kinney Hotel project would only make things worse, especially on the traffic tip. No, thanks. They rescheduled the hearing for the project to tomorrow morning at 9:30, and I hope all who can attend in opposition, will. At LEAST sign the petition. I've already written to Bonin, as should you. Real Venice voices need to be heard on this, not just the loudest, wealthiest, and bitchiest (Yeah. You, lady!).  Tomorrow morning. Please use this link for the details:

Stand up to this b.s. Fight the power. Wear more tie-dye. Peace!!!

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