Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Heart Space Café - From Francie Wong

The Heart Space Café delivery service is a new business by my longtime Venice friend, Francie Wong. She has created a way to deliver nutritional, nourishing support for our bodies through wonderful foods she whips up herself, guaranteeing that they are loaded with the love that caused her to begin this endeavor.

Francie is a Texas (San Antonio) girl who made her way to Venice after stints in New York and Europe. Time spent in Europe during her teens turned her on to cooking and entertaining, and her Texas background included countless celebrations that she realized all seemed to focus around food and family. Though she always loved cooking and sharing her meals (and for a while you could find her exceptional homemade cinnamon bread at Stroh's on Abbot Kinney!), Francie's time was taken up with art, music (she writes and plays her own beautiful songs), yoga training, and raising her daughter, Delilah.

After dealing with and overcoming a health crisis in 2010, Francie got way more interested in how food affects and supports our bodies. She educated herself at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, and emerged with a new outlook, and mission. "Cooking for other people was always so healing to me, I thought, where can I take this?", Francie explained on a sunny day when I sat with her in her work kitchen and learned a whole lot as she whipped up a beautiful pot of Winter Greens soup right before my eyes.

Where she could take it was that she began cooking for some friends and their families. The word of mouth on how good everything was, and how good everyone felt after eating it, and soon Francie decided to do it for real through her Heart Space Café. There are weekly seasonal soup deliveries, juices, raw foods, seed breads, salads ... everything the body needs for nutritional balance. I had a cup of the beautiful, spring green soup, and can testify that I swear I immediately felt healthier. Like I had rosier cheeks as I sipped it. Yuuuuuuum. Oh, and Wong is also available as a private chef for dinners and events - that you'll want to attend, believe me.

Francie doesn't love the word "Cleanse" because it sounds like you're going to be deprived and starving, versus what she does, which is give you all of what you need without any sense of missing out. So, there are 3, 5, and 10 day not-Cleanses, but Days Of Nurturing Your Body And Liver Detox Nutritional Support. Francie has found that her work really resonates with people dealing with health crises, as they can use all the support they can get. "Our bodies can heal, but we have to give them what they need, and that includes food for thought." To that end, Francie provides breathing and journal techniques that assist the food part of the deal. "We need to understand the relationship to what we put into our bodies. We're only given a certain number of breaths in our lives, which is why it's so important to master breath, and to realize that there is no separation between what you put into your mouth and your thoughts. It MATTERS what you put into your body AND soul." Truth.

Venice is the perfect spot for Francie to have her Heart Space Café (which as of now delivers Westside only), because people here have always been into this kind of thing, healthy and open minded. Most of the town has also been super sick at some point this year, so we could all use some Heart Space goods. We talked about our love for Venice, and Francie thinks all of the recent changes would be better and easier to take if they were to benefit everyone - but they don't. "It's really a microcosm of what's happening in the whole country," mused Francie correctly. While we talked, she rewarded her dog, Butch, for patiently waiting while we gabbed. She gave him one of her "Butch and The Bunny" dog treats, from her other business that she created with Delilah. These sprouted raw flax organic treats come in Blueberry/Coconut, Kale/Celery, Carrot/Apple, and are available at The Modern Dog on Abbot Kinney. With Butch's stamp of approval, of course.

"People say that they can feel the love in my food," Francie told me, and to which I can personally attest. I had a zillion stops on the day that I visited Francie's Heart Space work space, and couldn't take her up on bringing to-go food with me, regrettably. I came home the next morning to find a personalized example of what you get when you get a delivery from The Heart Space Café ... and felt nothing but love - and good health!

New Not-Cleanses Cleanses begin April 3rd and April 10th. All other products may be delivered any time, however you want to set it up. You may email Francie at or visit her website HERE.

To your health!

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